Custom URL for webapp

Apologies if this is a silly question, but does the information about pointing your web app to a custom domain name also apply to suffixes of custom domains?

So in the example a top level "" is shown - but what if I want to point my web app to "" - is this also possible?

for that you would customise it within your python code / it wouldn't have anything to do with the dns cname stuff.

Thanks for the reply - do you mean that the suffix would just be set in the as normal - so if a site url was set up as, if the has an entry like:


that would correctly open when was visited?

Many thanks

Yes, that's right. DNS (which includes all of the CNAME stuff relating to custom domains) handles the stuff before the first slash -- just in your example. The stuff after the slash is controlled entirely by your code -- the code in if you're using Django.

Thanks you very much for the info - I shall try to get it set up ;)