any estimated time when will upgrade to Postgres version (9.6 or even 10.0)

any estimated time when will upgrade to Postgres version (9.6 or even 10.0)?


Alex Glaros

hi there, we have no immediate plans to upgrade postgres. we know we probably have to someday, but we haven't made plans yet. are there any particular features from the newer versions that you need?

More recent Postgres versions have improved drastically in terms of scalability so would be interested in eventually benefiting from that.



interesting! scalability in what sense? do you have any sense of the numbers, where you are now compared to when it starts to make a big difference?

Here is a response I received in Stackoverlow. They said there are big improvements in terms of scalability with multiple concurrent sessions:

I don't know what other areas Postgres has improved in. I can ask S.O. if you wish.



I'm not sure if it will be the case that your complete database will be in memory instead of partially on disk- so I'm not sure if that scalability improvement will be significant.

Postgres 11 has "covering indexes" which would actually have a lot of value for me. These are in other relational databases. 9.4 will be supported till 2020 (till Dec. 2019 in Django) so it's not make-or-break at all, although updating from 9.4beta3 to 9.4.X would be nice for security reasons.

Thanks for letting us know! Upvoted in our feature tracker.