Can't seem to make a virtualenv

Hi all,

I've followed this guide to get a virtualenv setup (python 3.6) and I'm running into a problem with the first step. I keep getting this error on the first step.

bash: mkvirtualenv: command not found

I have access to the virtualenv command but the mkvirtualenv give me an error every time.


That sounds like you do not have virtualenvwrapper activated. Have you changed the system path/changed your bashrc etc?

Try manually running source and see if that changes anything?

That got it thanks. Just so you know, I did not change any of the system paths that I am aware of. I suck at linux and wouldn't know how.

That's really odd, then! Did you change your .bashrc or .bash_profile files, or something like that? If you're not familiar with Linux but were following someone else's instructions on how to do something, perhaps you might have changed them without realising the kind of problems it might cause...?