Site not reloading based on new git pull


I was able to get my site running like a week ago. Then i made some improvements on my local. I pushed those commits to github and then pulled them down to the pythonanywhere server. I can see the files have updated on the pythonanywhere server so that's good. I'm clicking the Reload green button, but then i go to the site and i see the version from a week ago. I don't have to delete the web app and recreate one when i make changes right? Not sure what is going on.


That sounds odd -- hitting the green button should reload all code, you definitely don't need to delete it and re-create it, or anything like that. Could you try again and see if it displays any kind of error message? In addition, after the reload, you should see a message in the server log (linked from the "Web" tab) saying something like "*** Starting uWSGI" -- could you check for that?

Yea i definitely see the *** Starting uWSGI when i reload. I don't see any errors related to that on the error log. In my WSGI config file, if i temporarily switch it to the hello world app you guys have, the site updates to the Hello world app. I've tried closing all the console (including the virtual env), but that hasn't done anything. I'm really at a loss here. As far as i can see, there is no old version of my code on PA anymore, so not sure how it is reloading it lol!

Very odd! Can I take a look at your files? We can see them from our admin interface, but we always ask for permission first.

Yea sure go ahead. thx

Thanks! I can't see anything obviously misconfigured. Is there a URL you could give me that should be showing X and is currently showing Y (for some value of X and Y)? If you'd rather not post anything like that on these public forums, you can email the details to