Can i create schedule task using pythonanywhere API?

Hi there! Can i create schedule task using pythonanywhere API? thanks

hi there, that's not currently possible but it should be soon... how were you thinking of using it, out of interest?

Hi, I though about the same for adding per-minute scheduled tasks. My django-powered site sends emails asynchronously for admin messages and confirming user registration. Hourly is far to sparse, hence I've had to manually add multiple hourly tasks for the same script. A better solution for my particular problem would be to have a more frequent (every minute) scheduled task

understood. we're working on ways of supporting this sort of async task queue. in the meantime, there's a few tips for how to get it working using the current scheduled task features here:

Yea.. As suggested by Harry. The best way is to support your webapp with scheduled tasks. I use that a lot.