Django Admin Changes Not Updating Site

My django admin is working fine. I'm able to log in and view all the information. However, when I change something and refresh the page, it doesn't change. I'm not too sure what I need to do in order for my admin changes to reflect as such on the live page.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or if you need to know more information.

Thanks for helping!

Are you saving your changes? That's the only thing that I could think of that would prevent the admin pages from showing the changes you've made.

I'm saving the changes -- could it be that I'm using a free account?

It saves in the admin. If I change the text and return to the admin, the text is still changed. It's just not changing on the actual site.

Is there a step I missed that links the admin and site when deploying?

In your app are you reading the database at import time or in the request? You can check this by reloading your web app, if the changes appear then, but not when you change things in the admin, then it's because you're only reading the from database when the app is restarted.

I reloaded the web app and the change doesn't take effect. I checked the admin and the text is still changed, just not on the actual site.

So it looks like it doesn't/can't read from the admin, even when restarted.

I can give you my login information or you can have access to my account if you want to check it out.

Ok. Then my best guesses are:

  1. The that the thing you're changing in the admin and the thing that you're displaying in the page are not the same thing. Check that you're accessing the same model that you're editing.

  2. You're not showing what you think in the template. Check that your template is rendering what you think it is.

Hey Glenn,

I used the admin for populating the entire site, titles, paragraph, lists, pictures.. Then I deployed it so I don't think it could be those two. I'll go back and check just to make sure.

I'll edit the html pages and see if that changes, too.

I'll message back with the results later today.

Hey Glenn,

Super embarrassing -- I forgot to sync the home page with the admin. I data was in the admin but the info was being fed from the HTML. When I checked another page, the admin changes worked and I was like, "Did I forget to do the home page." Lo and behold, I did.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the ignorance!

Glad you worked it out :-)