Hi Guys,

I have a simple demo which calls IBM BlueMix services. This worked fine for a while, and then started errorring with the message: -

<class 'OpenSSL.SSL.ZeroReturnError'>

There were no changes to the app, so I tried copying it to conventional hosting where it works as expected. Reading up on the error, it seems to involve the Python SSL setup, which I can't control of course.

Is this an issue anyone else has had? Might it have been triggered by an update on PA's side?

My app runs fine on standard hosting, but ideally I'd like to do my dev on PA.



Which Python version are you using? We haven't changed anything, but Python 2.7.6 has a slightly odd SSL implementation that could in theory have been confused if they made certain changes on the remote side.

Python 3.x should work fine, though, so if that's the version you're using then it must be something else.