Questions about let's encrypt and PythonAnywhere

Hi there,

I want to implement let's encrypt as my ssl ssl service.

I've read PA documentation about it: and I still have some questions:

1) Is it possible to automate the renewal of let's encrypt through python anywhere by using a cron? According to PA documentation, you have to let them know about a your new certificate and that can cause some problems because in your website because you have to wait for them to implement it.

2) This is a let's encrypt question but I'm going to post it just in case know something about it. Let's encrypt recommends renewing your certificate every 60 days. If I renew my certificate on day 60 and I don't update on my web app, the last certificate (that one which is currently in my web app and still has 30 days to go deprecated) is still "live" or once I renew a certificate on Let's encrypt the one I have implemented dies automatically?

Sorry for my questions but I just want to make sure that my web app does not have any problems.


HI there,

  • there's no way to automate renewals at the moment, but it is on our to-do list

  • as far as i know, your old certificate doesn't expire just because you've asked for a new one.

Any update on automating renewals?

no- it is something we are working on, but I do know that some of our customers just put the renewal commands into a script that automatically runs and emails us if say you are < 1 month from expiry.