UK keyboard not recognised in Bash and mysql consoles


I've been trying to check on my database using the console but for some reason certain keys (for instance 'h', 'l' and 'p') do not register.

I'm using Chrome browser and have a UK keyboard. I've tried both Mac OSX and Windows 10 devices and still no joy.

I read about the issue in 2013 - although it didn't affect me then.

Is there a workable solution?

Kind regards

It's unlikely that it's related to the UK keyboard. PythonAnywhere is based in the UK and we all have UK keyboards. Also, h, l and p are just ordinary keys that don't require any translation between different language keyboards. The only thing I can think of that could cause something like that is a browser plugin.


Thank you for that. I was using Vimium and even though I tried excluding the URL for PythonAnywhere it refused to play ball. I switched off the extension and everything was okay.

Kind regards

Thanks for letting us know!