How can I deploy my python script “which sends live cricket score to my mobile via way2sms” on PythonAnywhere?

I tried but it has option for Django and flask etc.

That's for web apps. Is your script supposed to run as a web application?

I just want to run my python script too, and I tried using Django and the instructions given using the web tab, but I don't get any other option other than using my username.python.anywhere app. Is this my python anywhere app. When I go to my, I get a message saying I need to run python startapp [], and that I don't have any urls, and to get to work. Where do I run the app, what console, where? and what urls? I set it up for python 3.4, with Django for earlier than 1.7. I had the paid plan at $12/month. But downgraded to the free plan, because the feedback I got sent me to instructions that weren't clear on getting my simple python script to run as an app, or at my address.

If your script is a Django app or written to work as a WSGI-compatible web app then you can just plug it in to a web app on PythonAnywhere (there are numerous tutorials on the help pages). If it's just a script and not written to be a web app, then you're going to need to convert it to a web app. Again, there are numerous tutorials on the help site to get you started.

As to your other questions - the app is already running. Our web app infrastructure started a Django app for you, but it can't write the code for you. Therefore, you have to run startapp in a console to create a new application in Django that will hold your code. URLs are how a web app communicates with the rest of the world. You have to define some so that Django knows what code to call when a request comes in.

Does it matter what console I choose? Like the one I get when I run my python script? Do I have to do the bash console in the home directory? Do I put my code copy and pasted from my script into that console? I got some kindle book to explain django upload to pythonanywhere. Similar to the tutorials on pythonanywhere, but I guess I want to know why I use the path to code file as the folder with my file and the folder in that file with the file, and the virtual environment, but nowhere does it say where to put my python script for these folders that are my app in the web tab. So I put my python script in every folder. Then the urls make no sense to me either. Is that where I give my python script file for the django web app to access?

Also, why is there no scrolling in the console when using python anywhere on my Samsung phone. Galaxy note 5?

You'll need to use a Bash console - pretty much any time something tells you to run something, it will be in a bash prompt.

You cannot just "give" your script to Django and have it run. If you want to write a Django web app, you'll need to actually understand Django. There are a number of tutorials on the help pages and around the internet to help you.

We can't test PythonAnywhere on every phone browser - it works fairly well on my phone using Chrome.

Is that the bash console that is in the consoles after I run a bash console at some previous time, or do I make another bash console and run it?

Whichever you like. You can start a new one if you like or use one that you already have.

Ok. Thanks. I tried Google chrome, and the file console behaves the same. It has repeat digits in the previous output displayed at tge same time displaying the response answer, it appends the same response to the previous response in console, and no scrolling option.

Hi there, just picking up on this while Glenn is elsewhere. I'm afraid our mobile support is patchy, it's probably best to switch to using a desktop computer if you can...