phpLiteAdmin on PythonAnwhere?


I am hosting a small website on pythonanywhere and it uses a sqlite db. Locally, I am able to run phpliteadmin to admin my db. But when I follow the instructions here: and navigate to the phpliteadmin file in the browser, it simply renders the file itself. My first guess is that PHP is not installed on the server. Is this correct? Is there a way to run phpliteadmin on pythonanywhere?

Thanks, Nick

No, we do not have PHP on our servers and we have no plans to install and support it.

Do you offer an alternative for phpliteadmin? I am a bit new and ... you know all beginners have abnormal questions :)) I am asking you because I was developing my app on C9 and was over there and you know when is becoming a habit to use something and is disappearing is a bit hard to learn without it

No, we don't.