Web app deleted


This morning I reloaded a web app.

When I tried to check if that changes had been applied, my web app was no longer responding. I was shown a pythonanywhere page that said that there was no app at the address.

When I checked my dashboard, I found that the app had disappeared.

I have since re-installed the app.

Thank you for investigating this incident.

Our logs show that the last web app you created earlier today still exists.

This morning a web app was deleted from the dashboard just after I reloaded it.

To be clear, I clicked on the reload button not the delete button. So it should not have disappeared from the dashboard.

The current web app that you mentioned was created this morning to replace the older app that was deleted.

Ok. I've done a bit more poking through the request logs related to your account. At 11:18:06 UTC, there was a request to reload one of your web apps. At 11:18:14 UTC (i.e. 8 seconds later), there was a request from the same IP address to delete a different one (the one that you re-created later). The user agent for both requests is the same, and with the same IP, we have to assume it was the same browser.

[edit by giles: corrected timing, which was out by 8 seconds]

I'm using chrome on mac OS X.

Since I'm the only person with access to the pythonanywhere password, Could this be an issue with some sort of chrome extension ?

Conceivably it could, but it would be a very strange thing for the extension to do. There are some extensions that try to pre-fetch pages in order to speed up your browsing, but unless they were very poorly written, they'd only do that by accessing URLs via GET requests -- as otherwise they'd cause problems exactly like the one you're seeing. Deleting a web app can only happen by using a POST request, complete with CSRF protection -- I've double-checked the logs, and it was definitely a POST request that came in to delete the web app in question.

How should I get my web app ( deleted as I accidently uploaded it Please Help Me.

You can delete it using the red button at the bottom of the "Web" page.