Web workers

How many web workers does the "Startup" package have? I have a custom plan, but I wanted to get an idea of how many webworkers it would take to get to ~1M hits per day

It has 25 web workers, which should be enough for most sites. That said, it's worth mentioning that:

  • If your site doesn't require lots of processing time for each request, you can get up to 1M hits a day with fewer workers, especially if you code it for optimal performance. One of our customers is handling about 5M hits/day with 12 workers, for example.
  • If your site does require lots of processing time, then you might need more than 25 workers for less traffic -- there's one site we host that is certainly not badly written, but has very specific requirements that lead to quite high CPU usage per hit, so it needs over 50 workers for about 500,000 hits/day.

BTW you can see the details of each plan by clicking the "Switch now" button on the "Account" page; that will pop up a dialog pre-populated with the new plan's settings, but it won't change your subscription unless you click the "Switch to this plan" button on the dialog, then re-enter your credit card/PayPal details.

Ahhh, got it, I thought hitting "switch now" would switch the account... seemed risky!

This gives me what I need, thanks!