Calibre content server

Would it be possible to install Calibre and use the Calibre content server to serve ebooks from a PythonAnywhere hosted webapp?

(Mainly for personal use, possibly for friends).

For reference:


We're looking into it; it looks like Calibre is a bit of a pain to install (apparently the standard Ubuntu packages tend to be very out-of-date, so we'd need to install from source) but it's on the list of things to try adding in our next system image. No promises, but I've made a note that you've asked for it, so that bumps the priority a bit :-)


Can you tell me approximately how long you plan to release the next system image?

We're planning a new system image in the next release, which hopefully will be within a month or so -- but as I said, I can't guarantee that Calibre will be in it.

OK, thanks!