Trouble with building domain name configuration when building a second web app

I'm currently hosting an app using the url (which is working fine) but I am attempting to create a second app and am running into problems..

I've used the django tutorial to create another virtualenv and a new django app 002. No problems there.

When I create a new app in the Web tab, point it to the new virtual env 002 and run reload it gives me these warnings:

"There is a problem with your domain name configuration. Take a look at the DNS setup section below for details. Be aware that DNS changes can take some time to propagate across the internet. The exact time they take will depend on your domain configuration, but it could be as long as a day."

"You do not have a CNAME set up for your domain. Check this help page for more information about how to set it up correctly."


How do I test my new app without creating my own domain?

Currently the cname url says "Coming Soon...." when accessed through a browser.

Is this because I am required to set up my own domain or is there an activation step I'm missing in the django setup?

Thank you.

You do need to purchase your own domain.

After you have purchased a new domain name and setup the www CNAME record to be on the domain registrar, you should be able to access the webapp directly at your new domain (and not

See here for more details.

Thanks, it's all working now.

Here's some detailed info of how to set up a cname on google (since it's a little confusing the first time).

Go to and click on DNS Settings icon.

I made a custom resource record with the following settings:


At pythonanywhere, I changed the name of my app to the name of my domain:

After hitting reload it all works.

Thank you.

Many thanks for posting that! Hopefully other people who are using Google Domains will find it useful.