Since we have to use CNAME's for our domains, we can't setup MX records. Is there any other way I can get a custom email such as ?

Setting up a CNAME and an MX record for the same domain shouldn't be a problem. The MX record is set for, and the CNAME is for

The only times that CNAMEs and MX records can clash is if you want the canonical version of your website to be at, without the "www" (which we recommend against -- and if you really need to do that, then we suggest you use an A record instead of a CNAME) or if you want to receive email at, which would be pretty unusual.

Good thing I posted here then. Didn't know about the www then so I've changed it and it's allowed me to add MX records. Thanks :)


I believe that my SSL certificate was setup for and not because Google is showing the privacy error page. Would I need to setup SSL again and contact you with the details?

Yes, you would.

Just to make sure: just follow the instructions as normally? And should I delete anything?

Yes, just follow the instructions and delete stuff if it makes it easier for you to keep track things.

Thanks, everything is working now :)