i need an advice how to create live chat application

i understand that pythonanywhere servers don't support sockets but is there any alternate way of doing it on pythonanywhere? i need chat for my Tests website. i need every question to have it's distinguished live chat.

you could use some sort of third-part service?, or similar?

I currently use pythonanywhere for a "live chat" service for Discord. (, It basically built strongly on REST api calls to see if there are new messages on the database and also able to POST messages. Despite the few seconds of lag between REST calls, it is working perfectly fine!

@harry How would firebase work on a livechat app? I'm curious....

i'm not sure i picked the right service there, but there are third party services that will basically "do" websockets stuff for you right? if you just want to connect two users to each other, and don't need updates to your own server, something like that could work?

I have test site and it has its job, i don't want to overload more with chat load. I found other free host with sockets its slow but i will use for chat only. If i create chat for my pythonanywhere site how can i connect this togather? Like a little frame of the site that supports chat. Or how to get chat information from another host. I cant think of? Do i need to create plugin or? I mean how facebook comments are made i want to have my chat this way to import from other host.

I can't really comment on the specifics I'm afraid.

@celestialme, I think most people prefer node.js for this kind of real-time application. as harry mentioned, firebase is another "serverless" tech you should check out. that said, I prefer python over js for everything possible. checking out if I can/should use firebase for some other things.

How do I change the user interface for my pythonanywhere website? I have just deployed my web app on pythonanywhere, but I found it to be a little clumsy. HOw do I make my website more presentable. My URL is:

For that you can edit the html that you're serving. You'll probably want to learn some html - there are a lot of tutorials and general help for html all over the internet.