Broken picture with full path.

Hi, newbie here running my first flask app. Its a small one where among other things i upload pictures. The path its saved in a db file with a short description and the picture its saved in a specific folder.

Then its showed in the site passing {{ Galeria.Pic }} .

Everything runs ok. The picture uploads with no issue, i can see it in the right folder on my files. Looking at the code on the site i can see it has the right path; "/home/replica77/mysite/static/imagenes/galeria/picture.jpg". It also appears the correct description. All ok.

Still..the picture doesn’t load. it appears as a broken picture. Wich its really its the right path.

I went to the Web tab to map it, (url; /static/, directory; /home/replica77/mysite/static ) reloaded...picture still broken, and it shows the same path as before.

If someone would be so kind to guide me on where the error is or why its happening i would appreciate it a lot. Gracias.

Try to follow this