/files/home/ directory memory filling up

On Thursday, 13 July, at around 1900 UTC, I set up two scheduled tasks:

Hourly 30 mins past python3.6 /home/KenPryor67/ Hourly 45 mins past python3.6 /home/KenPryor67/

Since that time, I noticed that the used memory in my files directory (files/home/KenPryor67) is filling up quickly (i.e. "36% full (1.1 GB of your 3.0 GB quota" as of 1400 UTC today), even though the files generated by these scripts are being overwritten hourly. Is there another directory where memory is being used by these scripts that I could clear periodically to free up space in my files directory? Otherwise, PythonAnywhere is a tremendously useful resource that is instrumental in the performance of my job as a research meteorologist with U.S. NOAA. I'm now widely promoting PythonAnywhere in my science community.
Thanks again for all your help and support,

Try going up to the root level and visit /var/log. All the cleared logs are stored in this file. Maybe this folder is getting filled up. To access the root folder go to your Files tab and where it says /home/KenPryor67, click on the /.

Have a look at the docs to see how to find where your files are.

Great! You're suggestions were very effective, and reduced my disk usage by ~50%. I'll make sure to check and conduct disk cleanups regularly. As always, thanks for your dedicated support!