console !! install python-dev

i will enforce apt-get install python-dev in my accoount ! but bash has error message show that below:.

e:could not open file .... (13: Permmision denied) e:unable to lock admin ... are you root ??

how can i get power to install python-dev ?? anyone can help me how to do ?

becuase I will install opensource Oscar ! but it must need install python-dev !! i has no root admin power !

python-dev is already installed, but you do not have root permissions to apt-get install anything yourself.

You do however have the gcc build chain, and here is some helpful docs on how to install python packages.

sorry,and then i pip make ~~~~ it shwo that :

Io error error [122] disk quoate exceed make *** [install ] error 2

I can not use : make
becuase I use Oscar 3-th packages, it need use make command to enfoce sandbox

how can i do ? thank you ~~

"DIsk quota exceeded" means that you've run out of disk space in your account. See:

sorry .follow it !! it out of my folder/ it shows that folder is 4k , and it is out ~~~~~

can i add the disk? or has any way i can do ????

Sure. You can upgrade your account or you can clear up space by removing files.