Comodo SSL web server software for custom domain

I want to get an SSL cert for my custom domain from Comodo. During the sign-up process, Comodo is asking for the web server software that was used to generate the CSR. Could you please help me in choosing the correct web server software. Thanks.

If you choose nginx, you'll get the appropriate files.


I have configure my app with

  1. CNAME
  2. I installed the flask_sslify extension
  3. I also have my crt file generated by comodo
  4. I also include the dollowing code


from flask_sslify import SSLify

app = Flask(__name__, static_folder='static')

sslify = SSLify(app, permanent=True)

But I like to know how do I'll continue? I mean how to refer to the crt file?

Check this out.

Send an email, specifying where the combined cert and the key is in your pythonanywhere folder.