How to get a money back.

Hey there! I was subscribed for Hacker account. My laptop has technical issues and has been repairing by service center for about a month now. An invoice came this morning, so I downgraded to begginer account for now hoping to get my money back automatically, but they have not come back. How is this "Money back guarantee" works and what do I have to do?

Hi dierme,

Thanks for reaching out to us. As you have just been charged for this month and you immediately downgraded afterwards, we have refunded your money.


Thank you, returned the money)

Hey there!

I was also subscribed for Custom account, but understood that to run my app I need Docker, which is not supported by PythonAnywhere. Therefore, I immediately downgraded my account.

Can I refund my money by a 30-day guarantee?

Ok. I have refunded your payment. It should appear in your bank statement in 5-10 days.

Thank you, the money is returned :)


I realized that python is not what I need, the payment was made about an hour ago, and the status of the account is lowered a minute ago, can I get my money back?

Sure, no problem -- the refund has been made, and should be back in your account within ten working days -- normally much faster, but it depends on how fast your bank processes it.