Remote Access

I will be hosting a myBB forum on another host and I would to setup remote access to that database. Is there an IP address I can put in the "Access Host" section?

Unfortunately we have a range of IP addresses and they do change.

You could try to manually find out what IP address your particular code is running from, and add that manually, but it will periodically break and you will have to update it.

Would it change regularly (day to day)? And how would I manage to find this IP address?

Does this help?

IP addresses may change every couple weeks, and may also differ depending on where your script is running.

Got the IP address but it doesn't seem to allow remote access even though I added it to the remote access list. Might just have to find another way

Are you sure that the IP that you got is the correct one? (eg: it will change depending on if you are running it from the console vs as a webapp etc)

I ran the following using the BASH console: dig +short Sorry about this if it is easy, just not too good with these type of things :D

I think the is incorrect (should be the dns server instead). Did you get an IP address anyways? Are you able to access your db from the console where you ran the code?

I got an IP address for the above, allowed it for remote access but it didn't work. What would I put as the @ to get the IP for the dns server?

Oh-- sorry, I just realized that you are a free user. We only allow free users to access a whitelist of external sites. You will have to upgrade to be able to access your own external database.

Upgraded. Used the IP I got from: dig +short Still getting Access Denied message.

"(should be the dns server instead)" What would I put after the @ to get the dns server IP?

--EDIT-- Managed to get this from my error log. Just put it in the remote access to see and it worked:

Remember that it may change, though. BTW one alternative way to find the IP of a server where your code is running is to use ipify.

Yeah. We are trying to find another solution but for now I'll make sure to update it myself whenever it changes. Thanks, I'll have a look :)