Upgrade R version in PythonAnywhere

Hi everybody.

I'm wondering if there's a way to upgrade R version installed in pythonanywhere to most recent one (3.4.0).

There are some R packages that can't be installed in the old version installed.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately we can't upgrade R right now - it will need a new system image. We will be preparing one over the coming months, but I can't give a timeline right now.

Ok, thanks a lot :)

This is also crucial to me. I have tried, and failed, to install an older version of ggplot so I can use ggrepel, which is not compatible with R 3.0.2. Does anyone have a workaround?

R may provide a mechanism for you to install a particular version of R to your home directory. Have a look at their docs and see if that is the case.

Hi, any updates on this. I am stuck too as most of the packages need minimum 3.1 now.

No, no updates.

Hello, is there any update on this issue?

Thanks in advance

Our latest system image has R version 3.2.2 installed.

the latest system image has R version 3.0.2 installed when I type R on the bash. Is it possible to upgrade my R image to your latest version ? thanks.

We can update your system image for you, it may break some of your existing code that worked on older images. You may need to recreate any virtualenvs that you're using and you will need to start new consoles and reload your web apps. Let us know if you'd like to go ahead.

Please go ahead and upgrade my system image !for the latest R version that you have !

thanks- responded over email and upgraded you!

working with a project and tried uploading it in pythonanywhere can the R version 3.2.3 be upgraded to 3.5.1. The R package that i use is supported only in versions > 3.5. Thanks in advance

You are on the newest version available on PythonAnywhere at the moment.

Is it possible to upgrade to R version 4?

We can look into updating R in our next system image. But in the mean time the only thing you can try is to install it yourself in your homedir- we wouldn't be able to offer much tech support for that though.

Hi. Is the base version of R still 3.2.3 or has it been upgraded? Thanks for the info!

Yes, it is still on the old version, but our next system image (which we are currently preparing) will have 3.6.3.

Great news, I am waiting for this update too. thanks

This will be a BIGLY welcome news !! I hope the upgrade will be applied, by default, to all accounts so each user does not have to request for it.

Sure, noted! :-)

I have a R-package that needs to be installed into R library. How do I do that?

Does the normal R way of installing packages work for you?

Where to install it?

at the Bash console? Could you give me an example?

My R-package is named "ei", how do you install that package, if it is in the Bash console?

We're not really able to teach you R, just use the normal R package installation that fjl linked to.

My question is about where to install, at Bash console?

The glenn response was perfect one. First of all you should learn R and bash too. Open the bash console, then run command "R" (this one letter). Your R session will start. Then use R command "install.packages("ei")". To close R session use "q()". Please, do not spam this important topic with next out of the topic questions. PS. Do not use surrounding quotas for commands ("").

@polkas +1. Our forums are for solving issues related directly to PythonAnywhere. If there are other issues, one should look for answers in the documentation or/and more general forums like StackOverflow, etc.

Is there any update on the upgrading of R version?

It's coming.