How do I connect to my new app remotely (frustrated and confused)?

Hello all, Please help me with this....

I am having a hard time connecting to my app which is created from the Web tab on the Dashboard. I select Create New App, then I select domain name, e.g. Then I select Django and Python version. I assume that I am getting a Ubuntu or debian OS. Normally, on Ubuntu there would not be a root user. Anyway, I then try to ssh to my domain, or sftp.

At this point, after launching a new web app, I expect that I would get an email with the temporary password for this new web app. I never get that email. Yes, I checked spam folders and more and I gave it plenty of time. I tried to search the forum on this topic and found a reference to web2py, which has its own login separate from the login to my bash shell. That forum post also mentioned "if you know your password"... I don't know my password for the environment created when I launched my app.

I try logging in as user root and using my username on pythonanywhere - meaning I expect that my username on pythonanywhere would be created as a user in the environment created when I create my app. I have tried both usernames and the password I set up for my account on pythonanywhere. That password does not work. That makes sense, as I could have any number of applications installed on pythonanywhere and each one having the same password which is the same as my account password on pythonanywhere.

I will try to launch a terminal from the pythonanywhere dashboard. I guess I could from that terminal, create a user and set the password and add that user to the sudoers. After very much frustration for days, this idea just jumped to mind. Should I have gotten an email with the new password? During the setup of the app, I am never asked what password to use? My account password for pythonanywhere does not work to log into the bash terminal remotely.

Please help, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

I think there's a fundamental misunderstanding here. When you create a new web app on the "web" tab, it doesn't create a new machine. It's just a web app that is being served by the PythonAnywhere system, which you can think of as one large machine (it's actually a cluster of machines, of course, but to all intents and purposes it should look like just one computer). You can't ssh to the website, only to For that, you use the username and password that you would use to log in to PythonAnywhere. And once you're logged in there, you can access the code that you've written to handle your website.


Meant to say thanks. That was very straightforward and helpful. Bruce

No problem -- glad I could help!