How to install google ortools in pythonanywhere?


I need to install google ortools package in the pythonanywhere server but do not know where to start. I have searched the help topics and could not find an aplicable solution, can someone help me?

Thanks in advance for any help to point me in the right direction.

Check out the PythonAnywhere help pages. In particular this.

@conrad thanks for replying. I had previously checked out the help pages namely the one you specified.

The problem i am facing is that pip does not find ortools on Pypi and i do not know how to build it from source to work on Pythonanywhere.

What happens if you run their installation from source on Linux instructions? You can skip the "sudo apt-get" bit, as I think all of the required packages are already installed.

Is It possible that Pythonanywhere staff just install google ortools. It's so powerfull opensource.

That's not something we're currently planning to do, but thanks for the suggestion!