Console with python aplication running stops


I put a console with python apllication running all night, the application runs a little script, and don't use hard drive space, but when i arrived to the site, the console appears only the hour like if have been started at the moment i arrived,

The application is impossible to crach beacuse is too small, one more time is a little script.

Why the console does not continue all night?

Hi there,

Unfortunately we occasionally have to restart our servers for maintentance, or when we deploy a new version of the site - this leads to long-running processes being killed and consoles being restarted.

We're working on some code that will preserve long-running consoles better. In the meantime, if you have a requirement to have a program that runs more or less continuously, you could try using a scheduled task?

Ok i understand that, but i sugest, if you accept that, make some kind of pause consols/terminal and them continue the process... the second sugestion is when this happend you shold send an email to users that have consols/terminals active.

Whithout more questions, thanks to reply and this is a great site :D congratulations...

Hi again,

Ok you need to restart the servers blabla... but how you want people give you money if this site is 100% not trusted, If an aplicantion give some trobles because when i check that have been stoped, how i will make if i pay to you and put 10 terminals executing some scripts at 100% of time... ?

The stop method or better the kill aplications that you are using will make people give up of this project. The site need to be 100% trusted like facebook, google, hotmail, etc...

Think that.

In these terms i give up.

Hi ruipedrovda, we are definitely aware that it's a problem and that it's frustrating for people like you who want to just leave scripts running for long periods in consoles. We're working on it.

Hello, I would like to know if there is any update on this. I need to run python scripts that take hours to complete, and I find that the consoles are reset before the scripts finishes running. Thanks, Clarix

We're still working on it. It's because of a hard limit in the Linux kernel that we're bumping up against and it needs a fairly deep rewrite of our console-handling code, so it may take a while.

@clarix: If you're happy/able to share roughly what you're attempting to do then we might be able to help you split the script up so it can run faster or in smaller chunks.

For example, one approach I've used when doing lots of data crunching is to dump all the results (and progress) into a single data structure and periodically pickle it out to disk. The script was designed to look for the pickled structure and automatically carry on where it left off. This was also extremely useful to avoid having to re-run from scratch if, for example, I had an uncaught exception.

You can also use scheduled tasks to kick off your data-collection script regularly, with a lock to make sure that only one instance is running at any one time -- there was some discussion on this thread