502 Bad Gateway when trying to open iPython Notebook

Trying to open an iPython notebook gives me :

502 Bad Gateway

Doesn't matter which notebook, where in my folders. New ones give same error, independent of Python version. File editor (text, csv, python etc.) works fine.

Thanks for the heads-up. I'll have a look to see what's going on.

Ok. I think I've fixed it. Try now. You may need to login again.

Didn't need to log in, but works just fine now. Thanks for the quick fix!

I've just started testing iPython notebook capability. I opened one, and everything seemed great, but now I get Bad Gateway 502 for every notebook even the one that I had opened previously. I logged out and back in, but still see the problem. Any thoughts? I did take these notebooks off my laptop, but that first one opened just fine.

We did have some general notebook server issues yesterday, both at the time Glenn posted above, and then again later on. We think everything was sorted by 22:06 UTC -- seven minutes after the last post above. Please do let us know if you're still seeing problems.

I'm currently having this same issue!

I'm currently having this same issue!

Hi there- the issues for your notebook server have been solved. do let us know if you are still seeing any problems!

Having the same prob now:

502 Bad Gateway openresty/

Yeah me too -- been like that for last 5 hours.

Could you check again now? notebooks-1 looked fine from our side, but I've rebooted it as an experiment to see if that helps.

Hmm, it's glitching a bit now. We're moving everything over to a new server, there will be a short outage. This will only affect people running Jupyter notebooks on the machine notebooks-1 -- everyone else will be unaffected.

All back now.

Hi, I'm still getting Secure Connection Failed when accessing my notebook. It's been the case for the past ~3 days.

Try now?

Glenn, it works now! Thank you!

hi Glenn same error, is there a problem with the server 502 Bad Gateway openresty/

Also still ongoing for me. 502 Bad Gateway, openresty/

Same, happens for me too

There is no point posting reports here -- you should send an email about it. This issue has been open more than a day already and still not fixed.

It looks like one of our notebook servers failed in a way that our monitoring does not detect. I have fixed it now and we'll have to look at working out how to get monitoring working for that failure mode.