Unable to install any package


I have troubles installing new packages, I have the error below. Thanks a lot for your help. My error :

sounds like bing_translator isn't available for python3.5

Thks, Any idea how I can install it though ?

Install it into a Python version that is supported.

Is it then possible to use a Python 2.X Package in a 3.X code ? how ? thks

Hi there, I'm not sure conrad was right about bing_translator being Python-2 only. Looking at that traceback, something very strange is happening in your --user packages folder.

Can I suggest switching to using a virtualenv instead?

I just tried:

pip3.5 install --user bing_translator

in a Bash shell and got "No matching distribution found for bing_translator".

Thank you very much for your help ! I used another solution (yandex_translate with pip3.4).

Glad you worked out a solution :-)