I deleted all my server files by accident.

How do I restore to the last backup?


We can spin up a recovery server -- our backup system is designed for system problems on our side rather than point-in-time recovery of your data, but we can restore everything as of about 14:00 UTC yesterday (about seven hours before your post above). I assume that will have the stuff you need?

That would be great, could you please do it for me please.

Unfortunately it looks like the backups from 12 March also don't have your files. Can you remember exactly when you deleted them? It can take up to 24 hours for us to spin up the recovery server, so the more accurate you can be, the faster we can recover the files.

I deleted them on the 3rd of march, the data isn't that important I just need any backup so I can see how things are structured.

Unfortunately our backups only go back a week, though we do keep occasional older ones around. The most recent one before 3 March is from 2016-10-10 -- 10 October last year. Would that have anything useful?

Yes, please that would be great \0/

OK -- we'll let you know when that's done.

It's done. You can find the old contents of your home directory inside a new directory there called tomta20014.recovered.

Hello, i'm facing a simmilar problem. Could you help me out please? I erased by accident all the info in two of my files. If you could help me out reocvering the files from a backup, that would be nice!