Whitelist Options

I am running a server that hosts a UniFi Controller from Ubiquiti Networks ( The controller has a published API, but since it is running on my own host, it obviously is not whitelisted by PythonAnywhere. Is there a way to whitelist the location of this API on my private host, even just for my PythonAnywhere account? The service is publicly accessible through the firewall. I am writing a python web app that connects to the API for read-only reporting purposes.

Thank you, Chris

Hi Chris -- unfortunately we can't do that. The same whitelist applies to all accounts, so if we whitelisted it for you it would also be accessible to every other free PythonAnywhere account, including completely anonymous ones :-(

That's what I figured; just thought I'd ask.

So is whitelisting it across the board an option as long as I'm willing to accept the possibility of others accessing it? Like I said, the controller service is already publicly accessible, so there is nothing in place right now to keep that from happening if users know the location and credentials. I'm not very concerned with that.


if you as the api provider is okay with it, then sure email pythonanywhere support to add it to the whitelist. (keep in mind people can then create free accounts and DoS you)