ssh connection not working: "Connection to closed."

Trying to connect via ssh and when I enter my password I get: "Connection to closed." I entered the wrong password a few times (sorry, I was half sleep) and I am wondering if my IP was blocked and there is something that has to be reset in your end.

The same issue when I am trying to connect via SFTP with sublime text, I get: Connecting to SFTP server "" as "myusername" ................ failure (Connection timeout).

I changed to a new password and still won't work. I use this command:


Any ideas on what's going on?

I'm trying to connect via putty ssh and I received message "Connection timed out"

@pulpiwapi -- the problem you're seeing is because you have a free PythonAnywhere account. ssh access is only supported for paid accounts.

@cloudssistemas -- as you have a paid account, it certainly should work. Are you sure you're connecting to rather than, say, Did you perhaps try to log in several times earlier on with the wrong password? (If you get your password wrong repeatedly, our system might assume you're a hacker trying to break in and block your IP at the firewall level for an hour, so you'll see a "Connection timed out" error.)

Yep, as I mentioned before, I entered the wrong password a few times. I have waited for hours, even 24 hours before I tried again, and I get the same error: "Connection to closed."

I use ssh to connect via ssh.

I was wondering if you guys have to reset my account back.

@pulpiwapi -- Did you see Giles' comment?

the problem you're seeing is because you have a free PythonAnywhere account. ssh access is only supported for paid accounts.

Yes, I saw the comment. I have a hacker account.

If you're talking about your pulpiwapi account, then you don't have a hacker account. It's a free account.

Oops! You are right but let me clarify this. I had a hacker account and it was canceled in December 2016 without my knowledge. I never canceled the hacker account myself, is there a reason for this cancelation?

The account was downgraded because of non-payment. We did send you emails about it.

To be honest with you I never got those emails you are talking about and I do get support emails. I don't know what happened here, my payment information is still valid. I will open a new hacker account.

Thanks for your help.

Maybe your spam filter got them? If it helps track them down, we sent warnings on 2 January, 7 January, and 12 January (all at around 22:59 UTC), then a further message saying we'd downgraded the account on 18 January at 12:10 UTC. They all went to the email address that's set up on the "Account" tab.

BTW you don't need to open a new account, you can upgrade the pulpiwapi if you like!

Strange, still couldn't find them. Anyway, I will upgrade my account. Thanks for your help!

Thanks for upgrading again!