Scripts Restart Automatically?

Do scripts restart automatically in the console? Actually, that is not the behavior I was looking for. But for some reason, it seems like that what happens.

Maybe I read it somewhere.

Hi there,

Currently, whenever we deploy a new version of PythonAnywhere, we replace all the console servers. This has the effect of killing all your existing consoles, and replacing them with "fresh" ones, or restarting them if you like. Could that explain what you saw, when you say scripts "restart"?

We announce our deployments on twitter, so you can follow us there if you want some advance warning of when your scripts will restart.!pythonanywhere

Actually, what happen is I clicked on a script that was running for a few days, and it started over again. [Consoles area]

Yes, I think that would explain it then - we leave the links to your consoles there, but after we've done a restart or a new deploy, those links will actually start brand new consoles...

We're working on some code that would "pause" and then restart existing console sessions when we do a deploy instead, but it's tricky stuff, so it may take us a while before it's ready...

cool thanks for the reply