Editor customization

Me again. I've heard that you're using ACE for editing. If so, is there any way to get at more (well, any) of the customization options? I'm thinking of color schemes (you may have noticed from my previous topic that I'm a little bit color-obsessed), but there are a number of other interesting options for full-blown ACE.

Again, there's nothing we've built in (though that might change in the future -- let us know if you think it should!). But again, you should be able to do something with the userstyles script.

Turning it around: what kind of things should we make customisable?

Oh, nothing specific that I need, I was just thinking of some of the ACE options - toggles for soft wrap, "print margin", gutter, code folding - ACE is pretty configurable. Including font size, come to think of it. If you look at this (, you can see what they've exposed for the demo. I suspect, given the URL ("kitchen-sink"), that that is everything, but they may add or expose more in the future...

Thanks! I'll put something on our to-do list, with an upvote from you -- we can probably find out how they exposed those options and work our a way to do the same ourselves.

RE: Awesome support - see thread about %cpaste :D