Seriously, when my friend first told me about PythonAnywhere(TM), I actually refused to believe him, because I couldn't imagine that such an amazingly awesome tool could actually exist. I actually disagreed with him quite forcefully, and it led to a rather heated argument, and I'm afraid our friendship suffers to this day.

But what's the loss of a friend compared to the gain of such an amazing tool? Now that I've used PythonAnywhere(TM), I am actually happy to go to my grave, and leave a smiling corpse, resting soundly in the knowledge that such a website exists.

I have seen perfection. And its name - is PythonAnywhere(TM)

I know! I love PythonAnywhere(TM) so much, I just can't believe it. When I started to figure out what it could do, I was, like:

for _ in "joy":

It actually all got a bit too much - I started using PythonAnywhere(TM) all the time, it became like an addiction. I had to put a timed padlock on the door to my office to try and ration the amount of time I spend on PythonAnywhere(TM).

But of course it didn't work! Because PythonAnywhere(TM) works Anywhere, I'm not restricted to the computer in my office! I'm actually writing this post using lynx from a PythonAnywhere(TM) Bash console I've accessed from the web browser on the computer that's built into my shoes...

You're not the only one, may_dupp! This is actually the only time I've communicated with a real human being (instead of my beloved IPython consoles) since I started using PythonAnywhere(TM) six months back. It's worse than when I started reading TV Tropes that one time, and forgot to eat for two and a half years.

Python anywhere is really really awesome! Imagine if it was used in schools, students could just share their terminal with their teachers.

Never in our wildest dreams did we think an actual user would post in our astro-turf... wait. I've said too much.


Ok this post may be a joke, but I do find anwsome.